Technical Teams

Why use Badger?

It’s secure and reliable with almost no IT overhead

  • Installation is quick – usually less than 2 hours

  • No user IT training required

  • Very responsive technical support

  • Seamless integration with MIS

  • Highly secure

The Software

Badger V4 is built on a stable and well-known platform, Filemaker pro (an Apple subsidiary). This means it will sit easily within your current IT set up – whether it be Microsoft or Mac based.  


Support and Installation

Our technical teams all have an in-depth knowledge of IT systems, and have specialist understanding and experience in UK Independent schools.  

  • First, a telephone call is made between the school’s Network Technician, and one of our Systems Engineers (SE). This usually satisfies the school team that compatibility and security will not be an issue. This is usually a 15-minute call.

  • The school’s Technician sets up a server to our specification, usually a Virtual Machine, and follows our Server Installation Guide.

  • The next step is to agree an installation time and date. Our SE will install the Filemaker Server remotely, liaising with the school’s technician, and deploy your initial version of Badger. This usually takes less than 2 hours.

  • FileMaker is deployed on the devices of the designated users.

  • Our Schools Liaison Manager carries out User Training remotely. This usually takes about half an hour and does not require input from the school’s IT department.


System Integration

Badger is able to connect securely and reliably to most school management information systems, seamlessly importing relevant data and combining this with directly entered data to provide a complete whole pupil picture.

  • We have a number of ways of achieving this integration but normally we use the Groupcall Xporter software, which is used in over 18,000 UK schools.

  • As technical partners of Group Call, we enjoy the benefits of their constant monitoring of the health and security of the connection between your MIS and Badger.


On-going Maintenance

None required under normal circumstances from the school IT team except in August of each year when the roll-over of pupil data/registration of new pupils is required. This requires a liaison between our Systems Engineers and the school's technicians.


User Support

User support is provided entirely by us at no extra cost.

  • We only use experienced and knowledgeable School Liaison staff, who all have a background in education.

  • They aim to develop close working relationships with schools – which is fundamentally important in our view.

  • Badger has inbuilt training reminder mechanisms and a means of directly alerting our support staff of any issues, (within 2 clicks from any screen).

  • The school IT staff will not be informed or involved, unless we suspect that there is a problem with the server.

  • Top up training – free of charge – will be offered to cater for software upgrades and the induction of new school staff.



User Access Security

  • On installation, our Systems Engineer will agree with your school’s technicians how they want the initial login to work; we have a number of options available.

  • Badger uses multiple layers of security both for gaining access, and then looking at what you can access.

  • Each user is allocated an ‘Access Profile’ that determines modular/house/group level access configured to suit a user's role and the structure of your school.

  • These restrictions are on both a “need to know” and “want to know” basis, and are set and managed by the school.

  • We will assist in setting this up if required.


IT Security

None of your Badger data needs to leave your school.

  • The security of your confidential information is completely under your control and as per your existing IT security arrangements. 

  • If your IT team choose to use Cloud back-up functionality as part of your overall IT management protocols, then of course the back-up copy of Badger data will be there as well.

  • Your data remains your data.