Pastoral Management - Managed!!

Badger is proud to announce the launch of V4 of its innovative software in conjunction with a re-launch of the website which now reflects the expanding range of benefits to users.

Badger provides a clear, comprehensive picture of the whole of a pupil’s school life and its functionality enables a school to demonstrate quickly and easily a consistent approach towards recording and monitoring the whole of a pupil’s life in school as well as, in the first instance, being a vital tool for staff enabling the provision of good, effective pastoral care for their pupils.

The increased focus of ISI inspections on the welfare and personal development of pupils and the need for schools to identify the provision that contributes to those outcomes is yet another powerful benefit of using Badger.

'Educational quality inspection focuses upon the two main outcomes: pupils’ achievement, and their personal development. In so doing, inspection will identify the key features of the school’s provision that contribute to those outcomes and help to explain why the outcomes are as they are.’

ISI Handbook Inspection Framework 2018 .

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