Built by House Staff for House Staff

Badger - Built by House Staff for House Staff

We understand the increasing demands placed on house staff; emails, telephone calls, automated alerts, notices, common room conversations, exeats, absences, inspections, parental queries, report writing, visits, medical information, registers, handovers, ‘incidents’, interviews, commendations, tracking, record keeping, and the quiet word... All these can now go in one place: Badger.

Give yourself some room to think, to do what you were employed to do, to use your judgement, not sink under the detail.

Founders and creators of Badger, Andrew Day & Nick Rendall, have over 20 years combined boarding experience, and use the software to help them lead their boarding houses.

Badger started in their school and now is in schools across the country, from boarding to day, from Senior to Prep.

“All our staff, from our friendly Schools Managers to our technical teams of Systems Engineers and creative Software Developers have backgrounds working within boarding schools. Why is this important? Put Badger on trial and you’ll find out...” Andrew Day & Nick Rendall

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