Senior Leadership Team

Why use Badger?

Leading Independent Schools in the UK use Badger to improve their decision-making based on having the full picture available instantly while maintaining privacy and security. Badger was first created in 2012 and our core purpose hasn’t changed.


Badger brings together all of the normally disjointed snippets of information that are filed haphazardly by house staff in 101 different places. By pulling together all the data and holding it centrally at your school it means that:

  • No vital notes get lost or misplaced

  • Staff achieve so much more as a team

  • Everyone can feel confident in planning for Inspections because the school can demonstrate clear and careful management of pupil pastoral data.

  • It’s secure – see our technical page 

Peace of mind

It’s about never making a poor decision “because you didn’t have all the available information.” 


Badger can help maintain a consistent overview of your systems, records and evidence your practice.  

•    Your information records are current, in good order and easily accessible
•    This allows you to make well-informed decisions speedily and with confidence
•    Facilitates consistency

Badger provides these enormous benefits and these are difficult to quantify in cash terms alone, but they improve the quality of life for everyone at your school.

Bedales Conference Report 2015

Functionality and ease of use


Software is not good if it’s too difficult to use.  With Badger you are no more than 3 clicks from what you want.

The widest range of relevant pupil information is kept in a secure and easily searchable format.  For senior managers, it gives evidence of uniform pastoral care across the school by showing a top-level overview of whole school, highlighting exceptions. 

•    Any incident or activity can be looked at further in as much detail as required (assuming suitable access privileges have been granted)
•    Within the house
Badger enables the House Team to easily input and share the data relating to their administrative tasks and pupil information
•    Badger provides joined up pupil information systems, across all houses, in one place and can be navigated with ease. It becomes a pleasure to use



Badger allows schools to demonstrate to Inspectors that they record, access and use the data they gather on pupils in a professional and secure manner:

  • It ensures that compliance is more than met and that excellent practice can be shown

  • It makes it easy for everyone (from the senior management to the assistant, to the resident tutor, and including all pastoral staff) to demonstrate that they are providing the excellent standards which are expected and required

  • Badger is an excellent tool for proving a rigorous approach to pastoral care





All schools have unique requirements, so we encourage schools to tell us what they want Badger to do.

  • We have the ability to adapt our core version of the software to suit your particular needs – usually at no extra cost

  •  Working closely with your school staff we ensure the software fits your requirements

Underpinning our approach is over twenty years of experience of living and working in Independent schools – we seek long-term relationships with school staff and feel that this is the basis of the success of Badger.

Please enjoy our short video presentation below: 



King Edward's School, Witely

“Over the past 3 years we have found Badger to be an exceptional resource in our provision of excellent pastoral care.  It helps provide consistency across our houses, gives easy access to pastoral information and it gives our house staff time back to spend with pupils, not locked in the office.”


Headmaster, King Edward’s Witley