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Bedales School, Hampshire

Bedales School, Hampshire

“When I first came across 'Badger' I knew we had to have it for Bedales. The best and most important aspect of the system is it puts the student at its heart." Head of Boarding

Epsom College, Surrey

Epsom College, Surrey

"Whether it is logging sporting activity, extracurricular music lessons, academic achievements, health issues, personal appointments or dietary requirements, Badger ensures all your admin for each pupil can be stored and accessed in one place." Housemaster

St Paul's Cathedral School

St Paul's Cathedral School

"I love the programme and feel very lucky to have stumbled upon it at a course I went to.” Deputy Head

King Edward's, Witley

King Edward's, Witley

“When an inspector calls, the need is for evidence quickly and impressively for a range of pastoral questions. The solution is now simple - Badger." Senior Deputy Headmaster

Badger Pastoral Management Software

Badger Pastoral Management Software

Built by house staff for house staff

Badger has student-centered pastoral care at its core, providing essential information when needed and saving house staff a significant amount of time.


Running a school house is about people. The culture and community that exists within a house is based on the relationships between the individual pupils and the staff who are there to care for and lead them. This takes a significant investment of time, something that is in short supply in a busy school. Currently, house staff spend many hours a day ensuring that pastoral information is properly recorded. In addition traditional paper based filing systems are usually only accessible to the owner of the files, and the sharing of key data will always be at a later date, and is often time consuming.  Imagine achieving this same result in much less time.  


Imagine being unchained from your desk and using that time to engage more with your students, and maybe even your family.

Imagine a world where, at a moments notice, house staff can view the whole picture of a pupil’s life in school and make that informed decision.

Imagine a world where relevant pastoral information is shared securely among key staff within the school immediately.

Imagine a world where the daily routines of a house are enriched with live pupil centered information.

Now all this is possible, when supported by Badger.

Badger is built and managed by Meadow House Systems Ltd. It was originally designed and built during 2012 by two housemasters, Andrew Day and Nick Rendall.  Badger has evolved organically with student-centered pastoral care at its core, and is being used by leading schools in the UK helping pastoral staff manage their workload. Now on its third version, Badger is supported by our technical and school liaison teams recruited from the education sector.


Badger is designed by house staff, for house staff.


We understand the importance of what we do, and why we do it.

Badger is managed, supported and run by staff who know schools. 


All of our employees have a deep and insightful understanding of how schools work, especially when it comes to pastoral care. 


We understand the importance of the support, training and development of software within a school context, and our staff are there to help at every step of the way.

The benefits of Badger are fulfilled through the time released to build pastoral relationships; simplified secure access to holistic pupil information, house routines and whole school practice; and customisation according to each school’s needs.


We know every school is different, however the pupils are always at the centre of what they do.  The same approach has been taken with Badger, the pupils are at the centre of what it does.  Every element of Badger has been built through an experience of working in and running boarding houses.

Badger is built on a stable and well known platform which means it will sit easily within your current IT setup. 


The way Badger is built means that none of your data leaves your school.


The security of your most confidential information is completely under your control.  Your data remains your data.

“Pupils live rich, varied and complex lives. Keeping track of the multiple strands of activity for every child poses a real challenge for Housemasters and Housemistresses but Badger can help by providing us with a wonderful pupil overview." 


Stuart Head, Housemaster, Epsom College


Epsom Collge


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"I was immediately excited by the prospect of using Badger.  Installation was quick, easy and customised to suit the individual needs of our school. I love the programme and feel very lucky to have stumbled upon it at a course I went to."  

  Jaco Brand, Deputy Head, St Paul’s Cathedral School


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