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Request a trial

Get in touch! You can call us on 0208 798 0823 or send an enquiry to us.  


We will talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have, but this is what happens:

1. We show you

We find that a remote demonstration using shared screen software is usually all that is needed for schools. This gives you the opportunity to see Badger in action and to have a detailed conversation about how it could help make life easier for you and your colleagues.  These sessions normally last less than 1 hour and can involve as many of your staff as you wish. In addition, we can arrange for you to talk to other schools that are using Badger. It is sometimes possible for us to arrange a visit to such a school.


2. The Trial and Customisation period

Once you have a feel for the improvements Badger can bring, you run it live in your school for a trial period. This usually begins in one or two houses, with two members of house staff piloting initial use.  During this key trial period we work with the staff to customise the system to match the school requirements and provide optimum benefits.


3. Migrate to a full system

When the trial is obviously proving to be successful and the school commits to a purchase, we recommend a gradual roll out across the remainder of the proposed users. Each step in this roll out should last less than 1 week and this can be accelerated if required, as it often is.


4. School Liaison Team

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable School Liaison staff aim to develop close working relationships with schools as we understand the fundamental importance of this.

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