House Staff

Why use Badger?

It makes your life so much easier – no more working after supper to “tidy things up” admin-wise. 

Badger is unique. Badger is intuitive by design and is therefore easy to use. It holds a pupil centric view of your administrative, pastoral and academic information in one place so it’s simple to store, search and track everything you need.  All in three clicks or less of your mouse.

  • Time and stress-saving  "Once the info is in, I can forget about it".

  • Makes pupil hand-over from other houses seamless

  • Is easy to use, everything within 3 clicks

  • Easy to share – but secure and compliant

  • You can view it on PC, Tablet or smartphone

  • Exception Alerts for things you need to know NOW!

  • Provides up-to-date, on-the-go relevant information

  • Pupil centered, so information is easy to enter and retrieve.

  • Informs judgment, quickly and accurately

  • Evidences good practice, and consistency

  • Fulfills ISI expectations

  • Is controlled by your Local Admin who sets access levels to the information held

  • Ideas for customisation to suit the school’s individual needs are welcomed.


Watch our video below to see what Jenni Brittain, former Head of Boarding at Bedales says:

Integrated Record-keeping 

  • Automated house administration: all within 3 clicks.

  • Pupil centric pastoral care information, replacing the numerous Lever-Arch files commonly in use.

  • Access restricted to those nominated by the school,

  • Interactive graphs providing a visual overview (with drill down for detail options) of the pastoral, academic and co-curricular life of each pupil.


  • It is so intuitive that very little training is needed, so you can enjoy using because it saves you so much time

  • Short learning curve  - No IT training required

Functionality and Ease of Use

  • Comes with everything House-staff will need straight out-of-the-box

  • Secure and easy for you to search

  • Access levels are relevant to the job role, so matrons, assistants and housemasters/mistresses can all share data and trends can be easily spotted

Inspectors love it!

  • Inspectors look for you to demonstrate that you record the right data, store it securely, but have easy access to the information 

  • Badger does all this for you, across the whole school. You can prove compliance to the standards of excellence that you offer

  • Badger evidences pupil pastoral development – something that Inspectors are now looking for

Peace of mind from informed decision making

Providing excellent pastoral care is difficult, it takes time, is involving and can be stressful. Badger maintains an overview of your systems, records and evidence of your practice.  It enables you to make well-informed decisions in real time based on a complete data set, giving you confidence as you will have an automated and comprehensive audit trail.

The benefits of this feeling are priceless

Deputy Head, St Paul’s Cathedral School

"I was immediately excited by the prospect of using Badger.  Installation was quick, easy and customised to suit the individual needs of our school. I love the programme and feel very lucky to have stumbled upon it at a course I went to.”


Stuart Senior House Master, Epsom College

“A smart, simple yet highly effective system……

I feel everything I need to know about a pupil is at my finger-tips.”


Housemistress, Epsom College

A smart, simple yet highly effective system……

I feel everything I need to know about a pupil is at my finger-tips.”

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All schools have unique requirements, so we encourage schools to tell us what they want Badger to do

  • We have the ability to adapt our core version of the software to suit your particular needs – usually at no extra cost.

  •  Working closely with your school staff we ensure the software fits your requirements

Underpinning our approach is over twenty years of experience of living and working in Independent schools – we seek long-term relationships with school staff and feel that this is the basis of the success of Badger.