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The price of the licence is based on pupil numbers and type, with both a minimum and maximum figure and differentiation between day and boarding pupils. The annual licence fee includes all installation, customisation and on-going technical and training support throughout the year.

Essentially the Badger cost per pupil is less than a single low-cost text book for each pupil per year.


Giving back hours of time to some of the busiest and hard-pressed staff members represents real value for money.  


What’s Filemaker?

It’s something your school may already be using. ​Filmaker pro is the underlying platform that Badger software is built on. It’s from an Apple subsidiary and is used across the world, and has exceeded 4 million downloads on iPad and iPhone alone. It’s initial release was in April 1985, and the current version is V17.  More information here 


We are part of the Filemaker Business Alliance and are accredited sellers of Filemaker, meaning that Badger is fully supported by an industry leading platform with over 2 million users.  We can arrange and manage the licensing agreements and will pass on any savings we gain from our alliance status to our customers.

Do I need training?

Not usually. Badger is extremely intuitive, one of our friendly staff will happily provide remote training and we usually find that half an hour is enough to be taken through the various features of the software. You don’t have to remember everything at once, Version 4 of Badger now provides its own real-time training if you get stuck, or are trying something new.


Can it utilise “single-sign-in”

Yes. We understand both sides of this question. Some schools like to use the existing log-in credentials to access badger, and we can do that, other schools prefer a unique (different) way to access the Student data.


Is it cloud-based?

Not normally. We know how sensitive your student data is, and we know how carefully you look after that. We site the Badger server within your school, so for day-to-day operation the Badger data never leaves your school. The only exception to this is if you use the Cloud for back-ups, (see Technical page). If you want to run it from the cloud, because that’s where you run all your services from, we’re happy to discuss this.



Do you have a Badger App?

Yes there is a smartphone app.


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